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In the Spring of 1906, seven ladies met to form the Oviedo Magazine Club. Their purpose was to disperse good reading materials, and improve their community. Meeting in their homes, they exchanged magazines, held a program and a social hour. Many projects evolved. They hired help to pen up the loose pigs, lay board and clay sidewalks, plant trees, and clean up the cemetery.

In 1914, the first clubhouse was built, which also served as the town's first library. In 1916, they joined the Florida Federation of Woman's Clubs, and changed their name to The Oviedo Woman's Club.

They joined the General Federation of Woman's Clubs in 1923. While membership was increasing, the clubhouse was no longer adequate, and it was sold. The present clubhouse was built in 1961 on property donated by former member Mrs. R.L. Croom.

In the ensuing years the ladies were instrumental in accomplishing many goals within the community. In 2006, the club celebrated 100 years. We continue to present many civic projects, including the annual Great Day in the Country Arts and Crafts Festival as well as the Spring Fundraiser which has included Tasting Luncheons and, more recently, our Celebrate Spring Teas to raise money for philanthropic endeavors.

In 2015, to celebrate our long history, the 1906 Society was formed within Oviedo Woman's Club. This group is dedicated to the longevity of the organization, recognizing and preserving its history.

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